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Homeowner FAQ

I have a rental property, is there anything I need to submit to the HOA?

Yes, anytime your property has new tenants you will need to submit the Rental Property Registration Form

I am refinancing my property, can I order a statement of account? 

Statement of Account can be ordered via HomeWise Docs

I received a courtesy letter, why? 

If your property is found non-compliant with the Association's guidelines, a letter will be issued. Check the homeowner portal's "Documents" section for all CC&Rs. If you receive a violation letter, review it and adhere to the specified timetable for addressing the issue. If you have any questions, need clarification or have corrected the violation please respond to the letter HERE or email us

I have sent multiple e-mails and have yet to receive a response, why?

Our typical response time for emails is 24-48 hours. If you haven't received a response, please check your junk and spam folders. If our responses are not located, please reach out to us through the contact us form, or feel free to text or call during normal business hours.

What is a Community Association? 

It is a mandatory, non-stock, nonprofit corporation. The purpose of your association is the preservation of economic value within your neighborhood through architectural controls and deed restrictions. In addition, your association provides quality of life services that may include recreational activities, social programming, and maintenance of the common areas. A Board of Directors (BOD) operating under the legal documents, which established the association, governs your Association. In order to meet its required duties, your Association is empowered to enforce the provisions of the community documents, as well as collect necessary fees and assessments to sustain services.

Who is the management company and why do we need one? 

After careful consideration your board members chose Kith Management Services to manage the day to day operations of your community and act as the liaison between the board and members of the community. Your management company oversees the processes put in place by the board and provides expertise in in all areas of community management. The management company provides the information for the board to review, once the board decides, the management company oversees the task to completion.

May I make modifications to my property? 

Yes, in general you may do whatever you desire to the interior of your home. For exterior changes to your home (depending on the nature of the change or addition) the community you reside in has a process in place for reviewing. This involves submitting a modification request with supporting documentation via email to The submittal form and community guidelines can be downloaded via the community homeowner portal or by sending an email. This process assures not only the beauty of your home, but also consistency within the community.

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