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Have a Question?

We have an answer! Please review our most commonly asked questions below. If you have further questions please contact our support team! 

Commonly Asked Questions

Payment Questions 

Q: I have charges on my account that I was unaware of, who do I speak with about this? 
A: If you have questions about charges or fees associated with your account, it is always best to email them to:

Q: Why am I receiving a late fee when I have my payment set up through my personal bank's bill pay on the 28th of the month?
A: When you set up bill pay through your bank, a check will be mailed to our bank on the day you choose. Please keep this in mind when setting up the automatic payment from your bank. Late fees will be charged to the account if payment is not in our bank by the date posted on your statement. 

Q: Is there a direct phone number to contact the Accounting Department? 
A: The best way to reach the accounting department is via email:

Architectural Modifications

Q: How do I find out information on my communities Architectural Modification process? 
A: The best place to visit is your association's HOA website/portal. There will be a dedicated page on how the Architectural Modification process works. 

Q: When will I receive an update on my project? 
A: Once your project submission is received by the architectural department, an email will be sent via SMART WEBS. If you cannot locate this email, it may be necessary to search your inbox and junk mail for this. If you cannot locate it please reach out to the architectural department directly:

Q: Is there a direct phone number to contact the Accounting Department? 
A: The best way to reach the accounting department is via email:

General Association Questions

Q: What is a Community Association? 
A: It is a mandatory, non-stock, nonprofit corporation. The purpose of your association is the preservation of economic value within your neighborhood through architectural controls and deed restrictions. In addition, your association provides quality of life services that may include recreational activities, social programming, and maintenance of the common areas. A Board of Directors (BOD) operating under the legal documents, which established the association, governs your Association. In order to meet its required duties, your Association is empowered to enforce the provisions of the community documents, as well as collect necessary fees and assessments to sustain services.

Q: Who is my management company and why do we need one?
A: After careful consideration your board members chose Kith Management Services to manage the day to day operations of your community and act as the liaison between the board and members of the community. Your management company oversees the processes put in place by the board and provides expertise in in all areas of community management. The management company provides the information for the board to review, once the board decides, the management company oversees the task to completion.

Q: What are "Deed Restrictions" and why do we have them?
A: Deed restrictions are important rules governing your responsibilities as a member of your Association. They are also created to protect your rights as a homeowner. The architectural controls are not established to stifle creativity, but rather to assure that integrity of the original community design is preserved. Most homeowners move into a community because they approve of its architectural style and general appearance. Deed Restrictions help ensure your community will always remain as nice as the day you moved there. You should have been furnished with a copy of the Declaration (which contains all restrictions) before or during the closing of your home.

Q: I received a courtesy notice, how can I remove this from my account? 
A: A courtesy notice is sent as a reminder of the deed restrictions that you agreed to upon closing, once the item is remedied you will need to email our office or fill out the "Respond to a letter" notice form located in the menu bar. 

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