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Existing Resident RAD Form

Please complete this form if you are an existing resident and would like to order an additional or replacement remote access device(s). 

A few reminders: 

  • If you are a new resident and need to order or activate a device please visit the Remote Access Device page 

  • Only TWO devices may be activated per property. If you need a replacement device, there is an option within the form to indicate this. We will ask you to confirm the functioning fob you possess so that we can properly disconnect the lost or malfunctioning device

  • If you are a tenant, please do not submit this form. Only forms submitted by property owners will be accepted. Please ask your landlord to contact us about the next steps. 

  • Please note that for us to process these requests the owner must be in good standing with the association. 

  • Device fees are listed on your community website, it is a requirement that you check and confirm these fees before submitting your request. If you need the link to your community website amenity information page please contact us

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